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This is a time to evaluate many things in our lives. Getting slowly back to normal, whenever that is, will be a great time to break bad habits and ensure that we are fitter physically, mentally and spiritually going forward. I can help you to stop smoking permanently, as long as you really want to quit. Get in touch to find out more, and register for a session when I’m open again.

Why Stop Smoking?

The average cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK is now £10.40 (after the 2018 budget) which monthly is £322.40 (based on 31 days in the month) and each year smoking will cost you £3,796. Most of us have better things to do with £3,796 which can be better spent on the good things in life for ourselves and our family.

Stop Smoking For Health

Smoking causes lung damage and contributes towards cancers. Did you know that when you stop smoking your lungs will start to recover from the mug-full of tar that gets pumped into them yearly while you’re smoking? Over time your breathing will improve and your stamina and vitality will increase as your ability to breathe more easily improves. Stopping smoking will also give you fresher looking skin, better breath and enhanced enjoyment of food and drink as your tastebuds recover, never mind how much better your clothing will smell!

Vaping is also a serious issue

Many of us have read of the health issues associated with vaping. Unfortunately many people who have given up cigarettes are now addicted to vaping. Hypnotherapy can help equally well with stopping vaping as stopping smoking.

Why Use Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking or Vaping?

First of all, most clinical studies are undertaken by large drug companies and they have no interest in proving hypnotherapy is effective when they’d rather be selling you patches and sprays and other expensive ‘aids’. That means there are no large clinical trials to refer you to, but clinical hypnotherapy observations show that hypnotherapy is a very successful way to stop smoking altogether with an excellent success rate. There is no magic wand, but if you really want to quit then hypnotherapy can help you use your inner strength to achieve your goals.

You must ask yourself these questions before coming to Stop Smoking Therapy:

Do I really want to stop, or am I being forced to come by a friend or family member? Am I fully committed to quitting from this moment? Am I prepared to come with an open mind? Am I prepared to do the work necessary as hypnotherapy is not a magic wand and we cannot do it for you? If you answer no to any of these questions, then please do not waste your time and money. But if you answer yes, then we can really help you to achieve your goals.

Why Use Stop Smoking Therapy?

Mike Lane runs Stop Smoking Therapy and is a general hypnotherapy practitioner who specialised in stop smoking after he saw real improvements in the lives of those clients he helped to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. See the About Page for more information.

  • Quit Smoking
  • Improve your Health
  • Improve your Wealth

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