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What My Clients Say:

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials Having seen a recommendation for Mike by a friend on Facebook, I met up and wanted to give it a go. I was sceptical, but found Mike's hypnotherapy really helpful in dealing with a number of things including insomnia which until then, would not go away.
Anonymous,  Taunton,  Insomnia, Personal Issues.

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials Prior to my first session, Mike explained in great detail what would happen during the session and answered all my questions so I felt happy and confident with what was going to happen. I have really enjoyed my sessions with Mike. Afterwards I feel well rested and refreshed (as if I've had the most amazing night's sleep!), relaxed and positive. Mike has also taught me a self-hypnosis technique so I can keep myself "topped up" between visits to Mike. I am looking forward to continuing my sessions with Mike. I would happily recommend Mike to anyone looking for that extra "push" to achieve their goals.
JU,  Westport,  Relaxation.

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials After just an introductory session, I'm feeling hugely more relaxed and peaceful, with less 'mind chatter' (which is a real relief!). Mike has a calm, reassuring presence, and provides a generous amount of follow-up activities and guidance so that you can re-establish that relaxed state of mind at home too, which is really important for you to achieve your goals - in my case, being less stressed out all the time! I'm already looking forward to the next opportunity to practice; I'd never felt so relaxed before in my life. Try it - I can't recommend Mike highly enough.
NW,  Exeter,  Stress.

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials One session and I was cured of all cravings for cigarettes - how amazing. I really wanted to quit, but needed a bit of help and this did the trick. Thank you so much!
SVT,  Shepton Beauchamp,  Smoking.

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